Why Use Concrete?


Concrete is one of the most singularly-versatile building materials available today for both residential and commercial applications. It can be used in a wide variety of ways: from concrete foundations, floors, countertops, sinks, or walls, to name a few. It is used twice as often as any other building material in the world including wood, plastic, aluminum, and steel because of its price, performance, and adaptability.

Anyone considering a remodel home improvement project, or a new construction should consider concrete. A qualified and reputable—contractor will be happy to discuss the best options for either implementing concrete in your project or refinishing existing concrete, if you’re interested in changing its look.

Strength and Performance

Concrete is commonly used in the construction of buildings, bridges, tunnels and dams because of its superior strength, and it actually strengthens with time. It does not decay with time unlike other building materials. It is not affected by mold, pests (like termites) or moisture. It holds up very well to disasters and weather (fires, earthquakes, tropical storms, hurricanes).


It is one of the most versatile materials available today both inside and outside a building. Concrete can be stained, stamped, resurfaced, polished, and colored! It is one of the most design-flexible products available because it can be adapted to countless looks and needs. It’s become an extremely popular choice among American homeowners in recent years.


Concrete performs well as a sound insulator making it a popular and sensible material in high density areas as well as high-density buildings.


Concrete is an energy-efficient, man-made material. Its thermal mass helps to regulate temperatures within a building reducing energy consumption. Because concrete is almost always sourced locally due to transportation challenges, it also saves on transport CO2 emissions.


While there are several factors (such as grading of the site, preparation, forms and finishing) affecting the price of concrete it’s considered a very affordable material with which to build. Its average price per square foot approximately $3.25 or $5.25 as a base price. Reputable Houston concrete contractors can help estimate the costs of any project, including the quantity of concrete needed.

Easy maintenance

While no flooring material is maintenance free, concrete floors are generally easy to maintain, especially in a residential setting where the foot traffic is not heavy. Sweeping and damp mopping will clean floors easily. It is important, however, to have concrete floors sealed to make them more resistant to staining, scratching, and damage from chemicals.


You can build a house completely from concrete or just have concrete floors. Some indoor uses for concrete include: floors countertops, concrete foundations, garage floor coatings, fireplaces, sinks and countertops. Any use of concrete can be made to any specification or color needed. A professional concrete contractor is an expert on concrete’s many uses a particular project and how it could be tailored to that specific project.


Concrete‘s versatility continues outside. Concrete foundations, patios, driveways, outdoor kitchens and countertops, walkways, pavers, and pool decks are some of it uses. Given its versatility and adaptability, each of these can easily be customized to a client’s needs or design tastes. Concrete can be stamped or colored to match an overall design scheme from a traditional look to a more modern and streamlined. Concrete floors can start indoors and be carried straight through to your outside patios.

Consulting a professional concrete contractor can provide further details of what you can do with concrete in your home or business. They can discuss your project as well as show you examples of their work and products available in concrete.

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