The best time to buy an air conditioner

A Unit When is the best time to buy an air conditioner? The most honest answer is that the best time to buy a new AC is in the off season. In the HVAC industry, the off season is the period between winter and summer and that’s spring and fall.

Here’s why;

The demand is low

During this period, the weather is incredibly beautiful! It’s not too cold, and it’s not too hot. This weather is ideal for outdoor activities but unfavorable for the heating and cooling industry. Why? Think about this; if the weather is nice, would you run your A/C or furnace? Not really! And how can you tell that your equipment is broken if you don’t turn it on? So this is the best time to purchase your equipment, and you’ll surely enjoy the following advantages:

Low price

Because the demand is down, costs on installed systems usually drop a bit. Manufacturers also give their best deals during this period. Go on and save your wallet a great deal!

The most favorable appointment times

Less demand comes with more availability and flexibility. You can, therefore, schedule your installation during the time you won’t have to miss much work.

Take your time to find the best Air conditioning system

The best time to make any purchase is absolutely before you require it. This is because you’ll have more time than enough to consider your choices carefully before you arrive at your ultimate decision. Buying an AC is just the same. If you wait until your current equipment breaks down, you’ll be in a hurry to get a replacement. As a result, you may end up buying the one that can be installed the fastest notwithstanding the quality. After all, who wants to remain stuck in a 100� F room for long? Of course no one!

Take time to look for an excellent HVAC contractor

One of the most crucial factors in the performance of your brand new A/C is the workmanship quality. According to a study by energy star, an air conditioner loses 27 percent of its energy efficiency from improper installation. So getting a qualified and experienced HVAC repair engineer is one of the most critical steps.

AC ContractorIs your cooling system on its last leg? If yes, the best time to start shopping is as early as now! It is already heating up, and our scalding summer heat will be here before you notice it. Don’t procrastinate any further, the earlier, the better.

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