How To Keep Your AC Working Properly In The Summer Heat

Wall Air ConditionerDuring summer, your AC makes your home comfortable and prevents you from the adverse effects of the scorching heat. So you don’t want to see your air conditioning system malfunctioning, but you may be doing some weird things that may cause it to break down. In the following post, we will discuss some of the most ordinary things homeowners usually do, which may cause malfunctioning of their air conditioner and how to avoid them during this summer.

1. Closing Air Vents

Closing air vents usually restrict airflow via your system making it run harder and longer. This can eventually make your system to either overheat or freeze up. How can this happen? Your equipment is sized to function with a specified amount of airflow. Closing air vents decrease the amount of air passing over the evaporator coil making it very cold. Your system may end up consuming more energy because of working longer and harder. It doesn’t end here; closing air vents can also cause;

• Cold/ hot spots in your house
• Shorter lifespan of your air conditioning system
• Increased leakage on the ducts
• Incredibly higher energy costs

Eventually, your equipment becomes useless and won’t function to cool your home as well.

What Is The Remedy?

Open up the air vents you have closed in your house. You need to ensure too that your air vents are not blocked by furniture.

2. Running Your Conditioner With A Dirty Filter

There are some maintenance tasks that you can effortlessly do on your own and changing the filter is one of them. Even if you’ve a brand new system, your equipment can malfunction if it works with a dirty filter more often.

How To Fix The Issue

Ensure that you clean or change your filter regularly, once per month at minimum.

3. Letting Dogs Urinate On The Outside Unit

Dogs may sometimes on the outdoor air conditioning unit and this urine undoubtedly eats away the unit destroying it. Dog’s urine is usually acidic and can damage the fins and the coils that are critical to your system. And once it happens, you’ll need to replace the whole condenser which is not cheap.

The Remedy

Monitor your pets when you allow them to go outside and prevent them from urinating on your air conditioning system. You can also install a temporary fence around the equipment.

4. Ignoring Your Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance Check-Up

Maintenance practices assists detect and repair warning issues long before they happen. By ignoring your regular check-ups, you may never discover common issues such as;

• Dirty evaporator and condenser coil
• Clogged condensate drain
• Faulty electrical connections
• Refrigerant leak or low refrigerant charge

What Is The Best Remedy?

Schedule your air conditioning system tune-up with a professional now and consider a maintenance plan in future that will include cost-effective annual tune-ups, and repairs. Here follows some of the ways a tune-up can prevent your equipment from malfunctioning.

Everyone needs to have their equipment tuned up as you might need to have your car tuned up before undertaking a long road trip. Tune-ups help to ensure that there are no hidden issues that may bring major problems later. There are four major parts of an air conditioner tune-up that prevent your equipment from malfunctioning and in each of them, we will show you:

• The meaning
• Why you need it
• The breakdown problems it assists to prevent

1. Ensuring Your System Has The Right Refrigerant Charge

What It Means

Refrigerant acts as the lifeblood of your A/C. It works to absorb the heat from the house and sends it outside. Air conditioning system tune-up checks to ensure that you have the correct amount of this essential liquid.

Why Is It Crucial?

If your equipment has low refrigerant charge, the system will be unable to remove heat from your house as it should. This may end up bringing several other problems such as:

• Your system blowing warm air- with insufficient refrigerant, your equipment will be unable to remove enough heat from the air of your house which may result in warm air getting out of your ducts.
• Frozen evaporator coil- with insufficient refrigerant, the evaporator coil drops down below freezing, making the moisture present in the air to condense freezing on it. This being a serious problem, it can cause extra damage to your air conditioner if left for too long.
• An air conditioner, which is not blowing hard enough- this, is experienced when the flow of air into your house is blocked by the ice block on your coil.
• A constantly working system- Because the equipment can’t cool your home adequately, it may be forced to run for an extended period of time.

If your system is low on refrigerant, your A/C technicians should repair the leak. The refrigerant is not consumed like gas.

2. Checking The Electrical Connections Of Your System

Lady Checking TemperatureWhat It Is

Your air conditioning system has several electrical connections in the outside and the inside unit. During air conditioner tune-up, AC repair Miami engineers will check to ensure all these electrical connections are tight.

Why Is It Crucial?

Changes in humidity and weather can make wires contract and expand which may loosen their connections. This may cause:

• Some parts being broken down- Issues such as fan’s failure to spin are brought about by problems in electrical connections.
• Arcing and short circuits- the dangerous electrical conditions can make your equipment to trip its breaker.

3. Checking Your Condensate Drain Line

What It Means

As your equipment runs, it removes humidity from the air of your home. The humidity is typically drained from the system as water via a pipe known as the condensate drain line.

Why is it necessary?

If this drain line is clogged and isn’t repaired, water may end up backing up into your house causing some serious water damage.

4. Cleaning the condenser and evaporator coils

What is it?

The evaporator coil is located inside the indoor unit. It functions to absorb heat from the air of your home. The said heat is afterward transferred to the condenser coil of the outside unit where the heat is eventually released into the air. As the equipment functions, dirt from the air of your home collects on the inside evaporator coils. Dust and dirt also collect on the condenser coil of the outside unit, especially during monsoon seasons.

AC ContractorWhy is it necessary?

A piece of equipment with accumulated dirt and dust on the evaporator coils always struggle to absorb from the air of your home. Dirty condenser coils also struggle to disperse the heat collected by the evaporator coils. This issue may lead to many other problems such as:
• Continuously Tripping Breaker- if your condenser coils are covered in leaves, dirt, and dust, the coils won’t be able to dissipate heat properly. Therefore, the air conditioning system has to run harder and for an extended period of time to cool your house leading to overheating and tripping the breaker.
• Increased consumption of energy- your equipment will end up using more energy because of having to run harder and longer in order to get your house to your thermostat setting.
• Air conditioning system that is blowing very hot air- condenser coils that are dirty struggle to remove the heat present in the refrigerant. What this means is that little heat is withdrawn from the air inside your house which results in hot air coming from the vents.
• Frozen evaporator coil- dust and dirt prevent air flow over the evaporator coil which causes it to freeze up.

Do you need air conditioning tune-ups and maintenance?

Given the importance of air conditioner maintenance, a summer tune up is a critical step that goes a long way in protecting both your home and loved ones. If you live in the Miami and its surrounding areas the  friendly and knowledgeable technicians at AC repair comfortilio are prepared to assist you keep your house cool and comfortable when the temperatures soar outside and to help you maintain the equipment you invested so much into in running like a champ. So if you want your  ac repair miami  job done right and clean just visit at

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